Advancing the nonprofit marketing & charitable fundraising community since 1982

Mission Statement

Welcome to the DMA Nonprofit Federation. When members join the DMANF, they are not only investing in their personal and professional futures, but they are also joining a nonprofit community that champions deeper philanthropic engagement and effective advocacy through the innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing.

The DMA Nonprofit Federation is:

  • The leading source for nonprofit marketing and fundraising professional education and industry advancement.
  • The premier agent for improving public awareness and receptivity to philanthropy.
  • An aggressive and effective advocate for charitable organizations in postal, regulatory, legislative, and accountability issues at the federal, state and local levels.
  • The ‘top brand’ among all associations and advocacy groups working on behalf of nonprofits that utilize data and marketing to communicate with donors, members, and the public.
  • A community of over 400 members.
  • Guided by a volunteer Advisory Council of leading members from both the nonprofit and supplier community.

The Nonprofit Federation’s full-time staff is located in the greater Washington, DC area.